Day Training Saves You Time & Money

Blue the Puppy and Santa

Usually a day school or board and train program requires you to send your dog away to the trainer's facility. One of the drawbacks to this approach is that the dog isn't learning at home, where they will be expected to work after their time with the trainer is over. It's very hard for dogs to generalize from place to place (we all know the dogs who can sit at home in the kitchen, but not outside on a walk!). In the end you have to re-teach your dog all those new behaviors in your home.

With K to 9 Dog Training, our trainer comes to your house during the day and trains the dog for you. This means that the dog is learning how to behave in the very setting that they live in. This cuts down on the time it takes to transfer the newly trained cues to you, which means less time out of your schedule!

Another benefit of our In Home Day Training is for dogs who cannot go to another facility, either due to aggression, fearfulness, age (too young or too old), or a simple lack of time to get there every day. In these instances you typically would have to do one-on-one private sessions; which can require a large time commitment, and comes with lots of homework. K to 9 Dog Training offers you the convenience of having a professional train your dog where you know your pup is happiest.

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