Don't have the time to train your dog? No problem. K to 9 Dog Training makes it easy to fit training into your life. Our specialty is In Home Day Training, the perfect solution for busy people who still want a well trained dog.

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What is Day Training?

  • The trainer comes to your house and trains your dog for you!
  • The trainer works with your dog and lays the foundation for good behavior. Your goal is to maintain that behavior with the tools the trainer gives you. We all agree that maintaining something is easier than building it from scratch!
  • In a shorter amount of time than a traditional group class your dog can master several commands because the trainer is doing all the work, instead of trying to teach YOU how to train your dog.

How do I get started?

  • Give us a call! We will set up an appointment for an initial consultation. The consultation is 90 minutes long and is when we determine your training goals and how best to meet them.
  • At the initial consultation we will determine the length of the training program needed: 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or longer. Working around your schedule we will set up days and times to come into your house to train your dog, a minimum of 1 hour per day, 3 times a week. We will also set up the weekly hour-long transfer sessions, where our trainer will show you what your dog has learned!
  • Our trainer will visit your home 3 times per week to work with your dog. You can stay home to observe the training, or you can be out and about at work or on errands. Training may also include field trips around your neighborhood or to certain dog-friendly businesses to help generalize behavior
  • Once the Day Training has been completed there are a minimum of 2 follow-up private training sessions. These sessions are to help you maintain your dog's good behavior for years to come.

Our In Home Day Training is best for: reactivity and aggression, basic and advanced obedience, resource guarding, house manners (i.e. jumping, mouthing), separation anxiety, and serious behavior modification.

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